Art 2020 D2


by Marcus Parsons

Art in the Time of Covid-19

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& Covid-19 Mailings


The Fire This TimeThe Fire This Time

Inundation Inundation




Fish at Sea Fish at Sea

Hope/Fear Hope / Fear

hope and fear
two sides of

the same

On the Inside On the Inside

on the inside
we are together
as well as alone

Adrift (in a Stream of Light) Adrift

a stream
of light

Helping Hand Helping Hand

Silhouette i Profile

Dark Angel Dark Angel

Concerned Concerned

Hope (Fireglow) Hopeful

Ready for Anything Ready for Anything

how ready
can we be

In Flight In Flight

Cattails Cattails

Face Face

Jerk Jerk

Untitled Untitled

Infection Infection

Regard Regard

regarding self
regarding other

Inner Workings Inner Workings

Country Dawn Country Dawn

The Universe of Broken Circles Universe of Broken Circles

Contemplating the End
Contemplating the End

Native Native

Rock Art Rock Art

Hairpiece Hairpiece

Balance Balance


Encounter Encounter

Together ITogether I

Together IITogether II

More to come


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