MP Photography Inland Maine Gallery A

by Marcus Parsons

Gallery A
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D (Along the Stream)

Images can enlarge for a closer look.

SomebodySomebody (in an antique shop)

Among the Water LiliesThe Sky Below


View to the North (East Pond)Uplake I

View to the North (East Pond)Uplake II

Windy Up ThereWindy Up There


Rough Waters

Rough Water

Spring Runoff (Solon Dam)Spring Runoff (Solon Dam)

Below the Dam

Below the Dam

Bending Birch (New Leaves)

Bending Birch (New Leaves)



Lake Trout

Lake Trout




Brook Trout



Landlocked SalmonLandlocked Salmon



Luna MothLuna Moth


South Solon MeetinghouseSouth Solon Meetinghouse



Meetinghouse PulpitMeetinghouse Pulpit


Look Out for MooseLook Out for Moose


Inland Maine Gallery B



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