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  • “very contemporary and ageless story” — J. (Irvine, CA)
  • “beautiful photography and art” — various
  • “The whole tiny drones idea is fascinating. If the little drones were real, there could be elements of dystopia and utopia both. (. . .) I’ve read studies that people behave better if they think they are being watched. (. . .) I like this:  ‘Anyone can spy on anyone else—the governed on the governing, the employee on the employer, the customer on the vendor, the stockholder on the corporation, the judged on the judge, the fan on the performer. That makes for a very different scenario in terms of who has power: who can observe and respond to whose behavior, who is in position to abuse whose rights or threaten whose legitimacy, who can influence community values to what degree.’ ” — K. (Lawrence, KS)
  • “. . . a very interesting conceptual framework, and (. . .) digital formats are the right way to deliver its multi-media content.” — S. (Newton, MA)
  • “Some pages are verse, and when you scroll through them the lines make margins like a Modigliani. Elsewhere the work is intricate prose. And pictures.” — J. (Amherst, MA)
  • “Good stuff; also fun; lots of layers of interest. . . . One can imagine (Squeezeshot) progressing into a Hobbit-like situation complete with eventual 3- or 4-picture Hollywood narrative – but of course it must be filmed in Maine and New England, not New Zealand.” — T. (Portland, OR)