Songs — Hahahahaha


for voice & guitar
by Marcus Parsons

🎶 Hahahahaha

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Well I’m going home fast as I can
run right home fast as I can
fast as my feet can fly

The old dirt road on a moonlit night
runs straight down to some delight
no words can ever say
All right

Run run run run
run run run

Wake you sleeping birds and bees
and come and help me sing you trees
and grass and rocks and metal water
‘ere the sun will fade away forever
Men have done all that they can

Well I sit down on this quiet road
Out comes a little hopping toad
and sits there
and doesn’t do a thing

Just as live as he can be
he sits there breathing out and in
Not a sound for miles around

Sit sit sit

Lie flat down on my back
They say those stars are talking back
Well go ahead I’m listening
Tune me in

And the stars say




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