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Acquire this site’s art and photography through this site (inquire hereor at the artist’s exhibits. They are available framed or unframed. Framed prints are mounted in black or white frames, under transparent protective spray or UV or museum glass. Face-mounting is also available. 

All are printed on acid-free, archival paper. All are open editions. Each print is sized to suit the image, typically between 16″ x 20″ and 30″ x 40″. For some, you can order sizes as small as postcards, or as large as 72″ or more.

All are also available as high resolution digital images, to display on your tablet, smartphone, monitor, TV, etc., or to print out. Receive them via email, Dropbox, or other free download, or (at additional cost) on a USB or other drive. Videos and video slideshows are delivered via download or drive.


  • Prices for photographs and art typically range from $250 to $500 for unmounted, unframed prints, and from $500 to $1,500 mounted and framed. Prices vary with the sizes of the images and the cost of production. Shipping costs are additional.
  • Digital images cost $10 for each image, with a 10 image minimum. For a preconfigured slideshow of your choice of images, add $50 plus $2/image. They can be delivered to you via download or drive, in HD video (1080 or 4K) or in Keynote or PowerPoint self-starting and looping presentations, manually or automatically controlled.
  • Videos typically cost from $500, delivered via download or drive.

All preparation is supervised by the artist. You will receive an order acknowledgement telling you expected delivery time (typically within 30 days).

Order or inquire here.



Prelude cover

Chorus cover

The Squeezeshot Journal cover

PRELUDE and CHORUS, the first two ebooks
 of the SQUEEZESHOT Saga, are available for free. THE BATTLEFRONT JOURNAL is a work in progress; excerpts are posted elsewhere at this site.

PRELUDE and CHORUS are available in three formats:

  1. “Made for iBooks” enhanced ebooks (recommended), for iPad, Mac, or iPhone. Download them here (PRELUDE) and here (CHORUS), and from Apple’s iBooks Store.Apple Books badge
  2. PDFs, for any device: PRELUDE here or a sample here; CHORUS, here;
  3. Complete web versions, here at this site: PRELUDE here; CHORUS here.

Kindle versions are possible, readable on Fire tablets and (using free reading apps) iPads, Android tablets, smartphones, PCs, and Macs. An audio version may follow.

(P.S., If you like to read, you might enjoy watching the LIKE TO READ? video. One viewer said of it, “Very charming and calming . . . nicest five minutes spent today,”)


The below merchandise is not available and may never be, but it’s fun imagining the possibilities.


These designs can enlarge for a closer look.

Squeezeshot T-shirts


the Squeezeshot TAnd . . .

All shirts are made of top quality cotton, black only. Sizes range from XS and Youth sizes to 3XL. Pricing: $35 each; five or more, $30 each. Mailing/shipping costs: $5 for one, $3 for each additional. Order or inquire here.


Designs can enlarge for a closer look.

Squeezeshot buttonsPricing: 3″ buttons, $4 each; 3-1/2″ buttons, $5 each; minimum order quantity: 3. Order or inquire here.


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