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Homage to MeatHomage to Meat

All the TimeAll the Time

Smile for the CameraSmile for the Camera

I Won't Be—I Won’t—

Progress IIProgress I

Progress IProgress II


Flight IIFlight

Fine Thank YouFine Thank You

Through the DarknessThrough the Darkness

Don't You EverDon’t You Ever

Low RoomLow Room

Free As Can BeFree As Can Be


Say the WordSay the Word

Swimming UphillSwimming Uphill

Anything GoodAnything Good

Accursed EggAccursed Egg

Glad to HelpGlad to Help

Known BeyondKnown Beyond

What CrueltyWhat Cruelty

Tripping the Light FantasticTripping the Light Fantastic

Big Fish Little FishBig Fish Little Fish

Blue MigrationBlue Migration


It is ComingIt is Coming




First Regard / Last RegardFirst Regard, Last Regard

Shakin' ItShakin’ It


Moment with Child IMoment with Child

Young PersonYoung Person

Rather NotRather Not

Innocent AbroadInnocent Abroad

Inner PeaceInner Peace

Touch MeTouch Me

Best of TimesBest of Times

Trumpy DumpTrumpy Dump

(delivering as promised)



Face IFace I

Face IIFace II






Vermicular JourneyVermicular Journey

Blue EyesBlue Eyes

For a long moment I stood and stared, unseeing, my mind empty. There was something helpful in that, a relief.
 But I can say no more about it. Words that might have helped me do that approached my awareness but never arrived. I could see them in my mind,  and make out some of their letters, but too few to read. Aside from what I have already said here, the experience was  inexpressible.

— M.P

* * *

“…it was like seeing,
Or thinking you were seeing, the young moon rising
In the early days of its month, behind the clouds.”
“It’s as in sleep, in the quiet of the night,
Our languid eyelids close and in their dream
Won’t tell wherever we are nor where we’re going,
Or trying to go, nor can we get there where –
Ever where might be and who knows who it is
We maybe are, our legs gone weak, no way
To get there where? …

— from The Aeneid, by Virgil, translated from the Latin by David Ferry

Water with LemonWater with Lemon




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